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efs facial cleansing foam transparent moisturizing cleansing foam CleansingFoam(JP).jpg
Facial Cleansing Foam 3.jpg

efs Cleansing Foam

Efs cleansing foam specially formulated for gentle remove excess oil and make up without disturbing skin's protective barrier and drying skin.


efsToning Moist Lotion

Efs Facial lotion was designed by skincare experts to soothe dryness and provide lasting hydration. It contains  Hyaluronic acid Na and Collagen to help you maintain a more youthful appearance. 

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original cream-copy.jpg

efs Toning Moist Gel Cream

A highly moisturizing gel cream with a nice texture, light comfort and good spreadability. For supple skin that is full of moisture and firmness.

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SAYORIN box1125X1125.jpg


Whitening Wrinkle Repair Cream

"Quasi-drugs" (1) Anti-wrinkle: Improves wrinkles. (2) Whitening: Suppresses the production of melanin and prevents blemishes and freckles.

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