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Corporate philosophy

Winnow supports the lives of people who want to continue evolving into an ageless style with passion and effort, based on the brand concept of ``Become young again.'' We carefully select "natural raw materials" from the great nature of various parts of Japan, and combine "active ingredients" nurtured by Japanese tradition with "technology" that Japan is proud of, to create products that combine evidence and quality with Japanese hospitality. It is a motto. We aim to be a long-lived brand that continues to provide excellent products at affordable prices so that each person can live a healthy and beautiful life more efficiently and easily even in their busy daily lives.


In an increasingly diverse society, we work with a high level of professionalism to provide the highest quality and service possible, with one goal and passion.


We understand people well and provide products that we imagine our future selves will need with a quality that exceeds their expectations.

We aim to be a company that always strives for more and makes life better.


Meeting your needs:
Uniting the power of individuals:
Growth cycle of Yoki-Monozukuri:
Pursuit of uniqueness:
Endless inquisitiveness:
Turning crisis into opportunity:
Set ambitious goals and keep challenging yourself:

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