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In fact, the cartilage content of joints decreases with age. It is important to replenish and repair damaged cartilage and to strengthen and protect it with nutrition in order to keep walking firmly. However, it is difficult to take the important ingredient glucosamine in the diet, and it tends to be insufficient in daily life.
With <Glucosamine, Chondroitin + Cat's Claw>, you can balance seven nutrients including shark cartilage components at the same time.

​Contents and size

150 grains/bottle

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[Raw material name] Shark cartilage extract powder (shark cartilage, dextrin), reduced maltose starch syrup, cat's claw extract powder / glucosamine (derived from shrimp and crab), crystalline cellulose,
Magnesium stearate, vitamin B1, fine silicon dioxide, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B12
[Nutrition Facts Label (6 tablets)] (Note: Blended amount as raw material) Glucosamine / 1200 mg, Shark cartilage extract (containing chondroitin / type II collagen) / 198 mg,
Cat's claw extract / 50.4 mg, hyaluronic acid / 1.2 mg, vitamin B 1 / 25.2 mg, vitamin B 12 / 2.4 mg.
Analytical values: Calories / 7.88 kcal, Protein / 0.55 g, Lipids / 0.04 g, Carbohydrates / 1.33 g, Salt equivalent / 0.006 g

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