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<Quasi-drugs> approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

● Liquid hair restorer covering hair growth, scalp, and hair care ● Bringing hair to life with 4 active ingredients and plant-derived extracts ● Japan Toyobo patented ingredients ● Promoting skin turnover (improving hair growth cycle)
● Can be used by men and women of all ages


Senburi extract, which adjusts the scalp balance that tends to fluctuate depending on age and environment and grows thick, strong and hard-to-remove hair, has been recognized to have blood flow promoting action and active oxygen scavenging action, and directly stimulates hair roots to have hair growth and hair nourishing effects. It works; plant-derived ingredients such as Izayoi rose extract, lemongrass extract, and tea extract approach the scalp environment and lay the foundation for healthy hair; type 17 collagen contained in gobo extract keeps hair follicle stem cells. Let's approach thinning hair. The patented ingredient "Fight Polyamine-S" contained in soybean extract activates hair growth and helps improve cuticles.
[How to use] When cleaning your hair in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to your scalp and massage it well. After washing your hair, wipe off any water before using.

Winnow Medicinal Hair Growth Agent SPRING Hair Growth Essence

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