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● [Alcohol-free, paraben-free, animal-derived ingredient-free, mineral oil-free, color-free]
Those who are concerned about animal-derived ingredients and alcohol can also use it with confidence.

● With the blessings of 19 kinds of carefully selected plants and fruits, we approach from all angles while preserving moisture. Highly moisturizing plant-derived moisturizing and skin-beautifying ingredients such as plant stem cells (apple fruit culture cell extract), natural fruit ceramide (yuzu fruit extract), squalane, shea butter, olive fruit oil, and sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, and water-soluble proteoglycan. Since the ingredients are generously blended, it is a lotion that moisturizes and cares for aging (care according to age) and also cares for rough skin.

● By selecting active ingredients that can counter various worries of women and by blending them in a well-balanced manner, you can feel the moisturized skin with a sense of life.

● Since alcohol and mineral oil, which are a burden on the skin, are not used, it is a highly moisturizing lotion that is designed to be gentle on the skin and does not tingle.


Contents: 150ml

JAN code: 4589798881018

Winnow FS Toning Moist Lotion, Lotion

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