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Please leave everything about cross-border EC.

​We will sell your products to all over the world at our online shop.

Cross-border EC support
Cross Border EC Support


Design and production
Design Production


Translation / SNS promotion
Translation.SNS promotion

We support your International Business

We support cross-border EC for all.

Flow to product sales




Is there an expensive initial cost?

I don't understand a foreign language, but is that okay?

I want to expand overseas, but don't know?

Can you make a sale ... Anxiety

I want to tell you on SNS, but how much does it cost?

​Are you worried about this?

​ Leave everything to us

Get ready to sell

Shooting, images, editing, translation, production, etc.

Express the attractiveness of your product to the maximum, free promotion

Wording, followExtensive, regular, direct

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We support cross-border EC sales of cosmetics and health foods for small and medium-sized enterprises based on the concept of “trying overseas markets without hassle and low risk”. This is an initiative to respond to the voice of wanting to deliver the appeal of our products to more consumers.

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