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Held for three days from January 21st to January 22nd, 2020

Cosmetics from all over the world, not just from Japan, will be exhibited in one place

Japan's largest cosmetics exhibition


To get to know Winnow

We exhibited at Japan's largest cosmetics exhibition, where the latest cosmetics from all over the world are exhibited together.
880 companies from 30 countries around the world exhibited, and 26,000 cosmetics were exhibited.
It was held on the largest scale ever with 28,669 visitors for three days.
On the first day of the session on the 20th (Monday), there was a long line in front of the reception desk with visitors waiting for the opening from the morning at the venue, Makuhari Messe.
At the same time as 10 o'clock of the opening, the venue was full of people and it was a great success until the closing.

This time, the popular "SPRING, a quasi-drug medicated hair restorer that uses the patented ingredients of Toyobo Japan," the "EF Stoning Moist Series," which boasts a repeat rate in beauty salons and dry areas overseas, and "Take it in Japan's Pillowzaki. We exhibited skin care products and health foods such as "glucosamine + chondroitin", mainly "high-concentration fish oil containing bonito and fish oil".
Since it is a product that is actually used by beauty salons nationwide, it is very popular and everyone was enthusiastically asked for explanations.
Thank you very much for selling out in the morning of the 3rd day.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Meet The Team

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