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Omega 3 fatty acid DHA + EPA

Made in Japan / High concentration


Blue-backed fish DHA / EPA A smooth life brought about by the blessings of the sea.

DHA and EPA are essential fatty acids that are said to be almost impossible to produce in the body. Must be taken through daily meals. As a smooth ingredient of blue-backed fish, it is said to be expected to have useful functions for maintaining health, beauty and dieting. However, it is said that the amount of fish and shellfish eaten is decreasing year by year and the amount of meat is increasing due to the westernization of Japanese eating habits. Therefore, we recommend supplements that can be easily taken in high concentration without waste.
Winnow's fish oil <Brennai> is luxuriously blended with the smooth ingredients of blue fish, so you can get as much as 400 mg of omega 3 fatty acids with just two grains.

Brennai fish oilDHA + EPA

5,185 yen (tax included)

Contents / size: 120 grains
​ JAN code: 4589789880073

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DHA-containing refined fish oil, EPA-containing refined fish oil, surge fruit oil, fish gelatin, glycerin, vitamin E.

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