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  • "Natto" is a traditional Japanese ingredient. "Nattokinase" is an enzyme produced by Bacillus natto in the process of fermentation. This product uses non-genetically modified soybeans as a raw material and completely removes vitamin K2.

    Product Features:

    ⚫︎ Dark: Amount of nattokinase 2000FU / grain (1 to 2 grains a day is a guide).

    ⚫︎ Fermentation: Contains 3 types of fermented foods. Fermented black garlic, fermented black onion, barley lactic acid fermented liquid GABA.

    ⚫︎ Health Material Plus: Peptide extracted from sardines, cinnamon powder.

    ⚫︎ Comes in an easy-to-drink plant capsule.

    ⚫︎ Made in Japan.


    JAN code: 4589789880080

    Capacity: 180 tablets / piece (about 3 to 6 months)

    Price: 11,800 yen


    [Raw material notation]

    Reduced maltose sugar candy (domestic production), natto fungus culture extract powder (natto fungus culture extract, maltdextrin), sardine extract peptide, cinnamon powder, barley lactic acid fermented liquid GABA, fermented black garlic powder, fermented black onion powder / oxidized starch, HPMC , Calcium stearate, colorant (garlic)


    [Nutrition facts label (per 0.512g of 2 tablets)]

    Energy: 1.97 kcal

    Protein: 0.049g

    Lipid: 0.017g

    Carbohydrate: 0.41g

    Salt equivalent: 0.008g

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