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● [Alcohol-free, paraben-free, animal-derived ingredient-free, mineral oil-free, color-free]

● The elastic foam containing the beauty essence ingredients of plants and fruits adheres to the entire face like a facial mask. It concentrates and removes dirt without depriving the moisturizing ingredients in the stratum corneum, and cleans the skin while caring for it.

● Wash and moisturize with the true power of super plants and fruits such as plant stem cells (apple fruit culture extract), natural fruit ceramide (yuzu fruit extract), artichoke leaf extract, olive fruit oil, prune decomposition products, squalane, and shea butter. , Play a role of protection.

● Not just washing! Keep the best moisture after washing!
Ingredients that work on fresh shine, youthfulness, moisture, firmness, elasticity, and transparency are generously blended to approach skin problems from all angles.

● The elegant, slightly floral scent will heal you.

● Easy-to-use pump type. Just press it to create a thick, fine-textured cushion foam. There is no need to foam, and you can wash it easily and carefully even when you are busy.


Capacity: 150 ml

JAN code: 4589798881032

FS Face Wash Foam 150ml

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