Living Healthy and Beauty best quality from Tokyo Winnow|Winnow Co., Ltd. is a company located in Suginami-ku, Tokyo, which exports food ingredients, produces, sells and exports its own brand products, and acts on the export of products.

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Product list

Healthy food

Beauty products

Diet food

It is scheduled to be released next spring.

Raw materials for business use

We could provide you following shipping documents for each shipment:

  1. Certificate of Origin.
  2. Free Sale Certificate.
  3. Report of Examination.
  4. Analaysis Certificate for Moisture, TPC/gram, Coliforms ets.
    In the case of you require other special certificate, please inform us in advance.
  5. Regarding the Matcha, we able to provide you the Halal Certificate which certified by JAPAN MUSLIM ASSOCIATION.
  6. MOQ is 300kg. The total quantity must exceed 300kg per shipment.

Commercial products will be exported to outside Japan.Please contact us for details.

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