Living Healthy and Beauty best quality from Tokyo Winnow|Winnow Co., Ltd. is a company located in Suginami-ku, Tokyo, which exports food ingredients, produces, sells and exports its own brand products, and acts on the export of products.

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Company Profile

Company Name Winnow Co.,Ltd.
Date Established April 4, 2016
President Bake Patiguli
Head Office 〒167-0032
Ogikubo Houjin Kaikan 3F C Room
3-7-3 Amanuma Suginami-ku,
Tokyo 167-0032 Japan
TEL: 03-6908-9230
FAX: 03-6908-9231
Capital 9 million yen
Employees 2
Business Description Manufacturing, distributing, exporting, and importing of suplements, cosmetics and other related raw material.
Web Page
Partner Factories KAMESE CORP

About Winnow

Winnow Co., Ltd. was established in Tokyo in April 2016 aiming to contribute to the creation of a healthy and beautiful society.
We aim to deliver <Health and Beauty> through providing safe and secure products from Japan to people around the world. With the best partners and the latest technology, we are responsible for delivering the best quality to the consumer and working to realize a high level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to our own brand products, we have wide variety of food raw materials like as Matcha, Seaweed Mince and Corn Powder(Made in Hokkaido), we able to export to overseas companies. If you need any Japanese products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Message from the President

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Winnow's Approach

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